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At Compass Yoga Staunton we offer high quality yoga classes that are designed to engage mind, body, and spirit. A regular yoga practice will aid in improving the range of motion in joints, increasing energy, strengthening the nervous system to cope with stressors more effectively, and developing good postural habits. We welcome students of all ability levels and look forward to being part of your yoga journey.

Krisna E-Ryt 200

Krisna Hoffman discovered yoga in 2004, but when her daughter left for college in 2011 she was able to devote more time to fully realizing her passion. Although her initial practice was a physically focused, embracing the yogic teachings has helped her find more inner peace and happiness. Yoga has now become a corner stone of life, as she relies on her practice to develop her emotional and mental centeredness. Her goal is to continuously expand and explore on her spiritual journey. 

Being a recent newcomer to Staunton, Krisna is excited to have the opportunity to share her spirit at Compass Yoga Staunton.  In her classes, she aspires to create a nurturing space where students can connect with their true selves, enjoy the physical challenge, and most importantly, have fun on their mats.  

In her free time, Krisna loves cooking and spending time with her loved ones. She also has a special bond with her fur babies Leo, Monster, and Sasha.

Aidan Ryt-200

Aidan Bergfeld is a Virginia native who started his yoga journey in 2015 after experiencing back and shoulder pain. Around the same time, he began diving into the world of tea, selling it to the public as well as drinking it to improve his own health. By incorporating a daily yoga practice, tea, and regular spinal adjustments, he was able to relieve the back pain entirely. A year later, Aidan decided to jump into teaching yoga; first, by offering free classes for his friends and coworkers. Soon after, he completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Nook in Chesapeake in March 2017.

In his classes, Aidan takes a holistic approach to teaching, with a large focus on the breath as well as ensuring that postures are easily accessible. He believes that yoga is a transformative practice that starts from within, taking time in his classes for brief introspection so that students may look further inward. Tea is put under the spotlight in his “Yoga & Tea” workshops where students experience a restorative yoga session followed by an informative demonstration on different teas and how to incorporate the classic drink into a meditative practice. Aidan’s intention is that students leave his classes feeling refreshed, more open, and with a new bite of info to take home with them.

Aidan currently lives in Charlottesville where he sells tea, goes on nature walks, and forages for local ingredients in his spare time. He loves baking and cooking vegetarian food, photography, and brewing fermented sodas. He is an aspiring herbalist who is currently studying to become certified. He hopes to one day combine his love of tea, food, and yoga by opening a cafe/lounge specializing in the best tea, vegetarian fare, and relaxing yoga classes.

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